A Poem by Laura

Reach out your hand…

Listen to the small still whisper…

Hold out your hands…

I fall like a stone into your river

Deep surrender

I hold out my hand

open and ready

Heart borders stretched wide, like sails waiting for your winds

Seek direction, in which way I ought to go

Play hide and seek with your Spirit within


Puzzle pieces unfolding in each step

Waiting…breathing in the spaces between…between years falling like leaves from the tree

breathe between the thin spaces…where this heaven and earth meet…the space between

like dust in these shoes falling apart - questions and stumbling, like dark night - like burdened shoulders,

like heavy heart.…like it wasn’t supposed to be like this? Like SURPRISE!

Yet never alone I walk - hand in hand

Yet never alone we walk hand in hand

With Spirit with this God, she holds me, she holds you.

Like mother and father and wisdom. You are guiding me, like light an undeniable flaming fire

Like wind - sometimes embers yet you are here…

Sometimes quiet - I am still

May I listen before I speak…in the unlikely places I hear you…in the unlikely places you speak

You are my guide, leading, unexpectedly pulling from behind…a gentle tug… sense of you…here

So we seek…so we wait…and we trust

Your Spirit stays close…along this path…Your eyes as our guide