Episode #26- Lectio Divina on Mark 10:17-27 with Neil


Hi everyone, it’s been a good week!

Here’s what to expect in this episode of the podcast:

* Ro and I chat about Chinua coming home, veggie beds and trench digging, paper writing, and heading down south. 

* Neil guides a Lectio Divina on Mark 10: 17-27. (If you want to skip to this, it’s at 09:01, but don’t skip the introduction. You’ll miss my hoarse voice from the smoke!) 

Here’s the podcast on iTunes. 

Here’s the episode on Youtube.

And here’s the photo we mentioned, of our friend Amanda preparing for her meditation group. Don’t forget to send pics if you’re using the podcast for your practice or group.


I pray that this is a week of inspiration toward action. 

Much love,

~ Rae

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