It has Begun!

Meditation space

This blog will be a stream of experiences, a chance for those practicing Shekina Meditation, to nurture and grow what they do.

And it has begun! What is the vision? Simple;

A place to discover meditation as a valid and wholesome Christian practice

Somewhere to contribute and learn from our  shared experiences

A place to experiment grow your own practice

I don't think of Shekina Meditation as a brand, it cannot be owned, it is user generated and tailored by the very people who practice it. It is based on very old practices and ideas,  infused with the sensitivities and values of our times.

It is centered on Christian truths, so if you are a Christian you may find a lot familiar things, like the use of the Bible as a source text, a clear emphasis on Jesus as well as central Christian truths.

If you have a background in popular forms of meditation, you will see some familiar things, like breathing and opening techniques, mind and body preparation and other meditation techniques.

But its likely that it is not really like anything you have done before. Many of these practices have not been common for centuries. Get curious, dig around and see what you can find. We will be building out the about and faq sections over the next few weeks so that you can get a sense of what we do, and why.

For now its a seed. Feel free to come here and water it from time to time. Anyone who has had experience in Shekina Meditation can send in an email to us with their experience and we will post it. Feel free to comment and ask questions, lets bring this thing to life!