And just like that, they're done.

It's pretty dizzying from where we sit, we have been thinking about this non-existant place for more than a year. And one day you wake up and it's just standing there innocently, like it didn't just pop out of your dreams and assemble magically before your eyes.

The Thai workers are crazy hard workers. They worked though weekends like it was the most normal thing in the world, smiling and joking the whole time. With just a handful of guys, we got the job done under budget and ahead of schedule.

So what you are looking at is the collection of buildings that will make this an amazing place to practice Shekina Meditation. It's a large main structure (octagon), then a kitchen (rectangle) and a bathroom (circle!).

We still need to do some things to make the space functional. We are going down to Chiang Mai tomorrow to arrange kitchen utilities, basic furniture, and odds and ends. We think (fingers crossed) it can be up and running in just a month or so!

We are planning to make mud walls for the main building, which right now is more like a very spacious gazebo with amazing views. But the chance to put up cob walls with nooks and crannies is irresistable. We even found a very cheap source of rich red mud that has been used in some very beautiful projects here in Pai, so we can’t wait to start working with it.

Over time we plan to build all the essential structures and spaces that will help this place to shelter people as they take their next steps in their journey towards Jesus. Here are some of the things we are sure about incorporating as soon as we can, the things that really get us excited.

We will build a small gazebo devoted to prayer. It will sit in the center of the radial garden we are planning.

We also want to add a fire pit, which will be perfect for times of connection, worship music and storytelling about God.

We will landscape and plant a vegetable garden to represent abundance, beauty, and the chance to do work as meditation. We are hoping that many people will find peace working there.

We want to add a path with stations for prayer and contemplation. It will be a way to physically represent the various journeys of faith.

Art and beauty play a central part in our culture. We plan to have spaces specifically designed for art to thrive. Art walls and corners to create in will be essential to making this work.

But hey, what do you think? We are still open to ideas and input from everyone. What would you do on this land? Start praying about it if that kind of thing excites you at all.

Any questions you might have about the space, questions of timing or really anything at all, please contact us. We think this is a big step in our goal to establish places where people can experience Shekina practices while traveling in Asia and hopefully beyond. Its a fun moment to be a part of.
Ok more pics!

above: thats the view from the land! wow.

This bathroom reminds me of an African hut. I love it.