Episode #47- Lectio Divina on Isaiah 40: 28-31 with Rae


Hi beautiful ones. I’m on a little road trip, AND regular rhythms are not happening at the garden due to flooding, hence the late podcast episode. 

However, here are some things to think about: rivers, seas, smiles, music, carrots, and apples. Also trees. 

In the story of the Prodigal Son, the father told the older son, “All that I have has always been yours.” He said this because the older son was having a hard time, feeling like he worked hard and was left out of the party.

Whether or not you feel like that, it is always true for you. 

All that I have has always been yours.

 The sky, that pool of rainbowy water on the ground (don’t drink it, but you can look at it), the friendly dog who comes to say good morning. 

It belongs to our father, so it is ours, when we reach out for it. When we receive love through it. When we treasure what we have, no matter where on earth we are roaming. 

Here’s what to expect in this episode of the podcast:

* Ro offers a ground level insight into the flood, as well as talking about dear friends who are on their way and what’s been going on in Pai.

* I guide a Lectio Divina meditation on Isaiah 40: 28-31. 

(If you want to skip to the meditation, it’s at 07:10 but don’t skip the intro! It’s delicious.) 

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Here’s the episode on Youtube.

I really love you, thank you for listening. 

~ Rae

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