Episode #46- Contemplation of Nature with Chinua


Well, finally!

I’m happy to be getting this podcast episode up. 

We’ve had a wild couple of weeks, with three floods overcoming our garden. The last one was the highest and the most disappointing, as some of our superhero Shekina fam had commenced with a LOT of cleaning.

Rainy season is not always like this, but we’re learning about patience and acceptance, I think, through this rainy season.

Here’s what to expect in this episode of the podcast:

* I talk a little about the flood and our beautiful bhajan night at a chai shop in town. (Indian traditional worship songs- these ones have been compiled and written by friends and Jesus devotees.)

* Chinua guides a contemplation of nature meditation.

(If you want to skip to the meditation, it’s at 09:10 but don’t skip the intro! It’s not a soggy donut.) 

Here’s the podcast on iTunes. 

Here’s the episode on Youtube.

Stay dry friends.

Love to you all,

~ Rae

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