Episode #43- Narrative meditation on John 4: 1-28 with Naomi


Hi beautiful ones! 

Here’s what to expect in this episode of the podcast:

* Ro and I have a wee chat about our week. Full disclosure, we recorded the intro three times! First time the mic was off. Second time we had fits of giggles. Third time… here it is. 

* Naomi guides a narrative meditation on the story of the woman at the well in John 4. It’s a beautiful journey through the story with creativity and insight, and space in between for meditation and imagination.

(If you want to skip to the meditation, it’s at 07:58 but don’t skip the intro because you don’t want to miss hearing about the natural evolution of grass roofs!) 

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Here’s the episode on Youtube.

Be loved and blessed dear friends!


~ Rae

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