A Poem from Laura


I used to think I had to shove my doubts deep down

Keep them locked up

Only personal

Afraid the questions may make an earthquake

A trembling across the ocean of others’ faith

But a constant smashing up against the reality of the world - a tidal wave

Crashes my paper-thin and vulnerable faith

Confronted by my own shortcomings and denial of injustices, a turning a face

Maybe this is where real faith begins

When I am weighed to the ground with their cries

When I do not have answers

When it no longer makes sense

When pain reveals I do not understand creates a well deep of questions

This is where you offer me a drink

Of a water that is life

This is where I can offer you drink

In the midst of my uncertainty

In the midst of our uncertainties

When I do not feel God

There you are

Right in the midst of this wrestling

Spill your secrets and I’ll share mine

An exchange that brings connection

With you and the divine.