Shambhala in Your Heart

Ahhh that post-festival feeling!

We are just back from the beautiful festival Shambhala in Your Heart, held each year in Chiang Dao, Northern Thailand. It is organised by a group of Japanese hippies and is laid-back, quirky and fun.

This year our whole Shekina Garden community attended, kids and all! Some folks were volunteers - helping cook or decorate stages and make signs. Others created a band called Marigold Mala and sang Jesus bhajans (Indian-style devotional songs) on the main stage. Some performed sets of music or joined in on bands and jams. We soaked in hot springs, swam in the river, had deep conversations around fires, learned African dance, led and attended workshops, led Christ-centred meditations and danced to great music into the night.

A couple of festival moments to share with you -


Early morning light on the mountain

shambhala jam.jpg

Jamming in our little Meditation space


Bhajans on the Main Stage (photo from Shambhala in Your Heart Facebook page)

(a post by Ro)