Join! There are a ton of ways that you can get involved, but one that I promise you'll love (okay, can't promise, but I really think you will) is to come and join us for a season.

We have three locations: Goa, India; Northern Thailand; and Asheville, North Carolina. So as domestic or global as you want to be, you can come and join in, learn meditation, help with the work in our communities, and maybe be friends for life.

For more information, toss an email to shekinacommunity[at]gmail[dot]com

Wait for the e-Course. The Shekina e-Course is coming (hopefully by winter), and will include audio meditations and plenty of reading material.

Pray. We love to have people praying for us- all those words like incense, building a bright, intense cloud of care. You can ask that we would be sensitive and have integrity in the work of giving space for many people to hear God's voice in their lives.